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Unlimited Advanced Analysis
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Your Ultimate Agency-Focused GSC Analysis Tool

Agency life is about delivering more - more insights, more data, more results. With our advanced SaaS tool, unlock the power of GSC data like never before.

💡 Core Offerings:

1. Unlimited Users - Empower your whole team and clients. Control their permissions. Limit clients to specific profiles or open the world of data to them. The choice is yours.

2. Unlimited Data Downloads - Say goodbye to data restrictions. Dive deep into analysis without any constraints.

3. Advanced Reports - From advanced filtering options to predictive analytics, be armed with the insights that matter.

💼 Tailored For Agencies:

🔍 Advanced Filtering & Downloads:

- Pages and Queries: Filter and download all page-query combinations. Apply filters like device type, search type, and more.

- Pages Only: Dive deep into pages. Apply those advanced filters.

- Queries Only: Get granular with your query data.

📊 Advanced Analytics:

- Benchmarking: Create performance snapshots and discover new avenues for your clients.

- Keyword Cannibalisation: Analyse and rectify overlaps in your dataset.

- Predictive Analytics: Envision future success with calculated CTRs.

- Striking Distance Queries: Tap into potential gold mines ranking between the 5th and 20th positions.

- CTR Analysis: Identify underperformers in both pages and queries.

- Question Queries: Optimize for PAA and content additions.

- Page Stats: An at-a-glance view of your pages' performance metrics.

🔥 Other Features Agencies Love:

- SERP Distribution: Comprehensive understanding of your SERP ranking distribution.

- Advanced Segmentation: Gain granular insights with advanced segments, including regex functionality.

- On-Page Analysis: A single click to check keyword placements. Custom CSS Selectors empower you further.

- SEO Testing: Monitor and track key metrics, content changes, and more.

- Content Optimisation: Collaborative workflows allow analysts and content creators to work seamlessly.

- Performance Dashboard: Navigate data and gain insights faster than ever.

- Intuitive Durations: Daily, weekly, or monthly? We cater to all reporting preferences.

- Device Type Percentage Split: Visualize your device-type audience easily.

- Search Types: Beyond the usual, explore data for Video, Image, Discover, and News.

- Pages & Queries: Measure your organic success with indexed pages and driving queries.

- Brand Vs. Non-Brand: Automatic breakdown for effortless analysis and reporting.

Give your agency the competitive edge it needs. Analyse, optimise, track, and report - all in one place. Make the most of your GSC data today. Welcome to the future of SEO analytics.

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